Infused Citrus (and more!) Water

March 05, 2020

Infused Citrus (and more!) Water

Infused Citrus (and more!) Water

The possible combinations for infused waters are endless (so don’t hesitate to give your favorites a try). It’s simple water with added fresh fruit and more. Infused water is a fantastic way to increase your  daily water intake and cut down on unwanted added sugars. Simply choose your pitcher, prepare your fresh flavor combination, add water and chill.


 Infused water is super refreshing, hydrating and a great way to kick off a healthy spring! 


Our Spring Favorites:






* Sparkling water can be substituted if you prefer a bit of fizz

* Hosting a gathering?   Place a few chilled glass bottles with your favorite fruit pairs at your beverage area or on your table and let your guests enjoy.

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