Strawberry Jam

June 01, 2020

Strawberry Jam

- Sterilize 12 mason jars ( 1/2 pint size- 8oz)

- 6 lbs fresh strawberries washed and hulled

- Granulated sugar( the rule for this is 2:1, fruit to sugar, however we use less especially since in season strawberries are naturally sweet.( taste once during cooking process to determine)

- juice of one lemon

- Pectin( optional for thicker jam- follow package directions)

Bring strawberries to a boil, add sugar, lemon and pectin(optional) then simmer for about 1 hour until strawberries are soft. Can mash strawberries if needed while cooking.  Stir often during cooking process until jam reaches desired consistency. Let cool slightly and pour jam into mason jars. Refrigerate.  Strawberry jam can be used on toast, added to yogurt, heated and served over ice cream or as a seasonal addition to a beautiful cheese board. Homemade jam is a special treat to impress your guests at your next summer gathering and wonderful idea to give as part of a hostess gift with a favorite cheese, baguette and a bottle of wine.

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