Stone Vessel

by Kazi

Stone Vessel is a  8.5" Natural Cylindrical Vase


This stunning home accessory is a true focal point that complements any space with its captivating presence. Make a statement by placing it on a shelf or coffee table. With a glass insert included, you have the option to fill it with fresh or faux flowers, allowing the beautifully dyed raffia to take center stage. Need some additional inspiration? Transform this vase into a charming wine holder for your next dinner party or utilize it as a stylish organizer for your wooden spoons on the countertop. The versatility of this vase knows no bounds, making it a truly remarkable addition to your home.


- Approximately 4.50" Dia. x 8.50" H

- Made from all natural fibers of Raffia

Care Instructions

- Spot clean, do not submerge in water

- Direct sunlight will cause fading to the natural dyes over time


  Weight: 3 lb (1.36 kg)


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