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I’m thrilled to introduce you to my lifestyle space, partager la joie—the beautiful French phrase that means share joy.

Starting partager la joie (pronounced pahr-tah-zyay la zjwah) has been my long-time dream. I wanted to create an online venue where giving comes from the heart, gathering with friends and loved ones is joyful, and inspiration brightens everyday activities.

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Oversized Raffia Tote

by Pink Haley

This lovely handmade oversize beach tote made with superior quality raffia and is ideal for everyday use or lounging around at the beach.

Handmade by our Balinese artisans.

Size: 19.75"l x 16.50"h x 6.25"d. (50cm l x 42cm h x 16cm d).

Material: raffia. Unlined