Inspiration Workshops®

A joyful welcome to our design center.


We are excited to announce this unique virtual service now available to our clients. We offer customized inspirational workshops to provide you with the tools you need to host your next joyful gathering in the beautiful venue that is your home.


 When you sign up for our workshop, you will receive trade tips and instruction for success from cooking to home decorating to curate a unique, memorable gathering in your home. We’ll help you plan seasonal menus, including organizing your presentation from aperitif through dessert. In addition, we’ll teach you creative ideas for setting, decorating, and personalizing your table as well as your food and beverage serving areas.


You’ll come away feeling confident and relaxed when you plan your next home gathering. Our simple and unique inspiration and guidance, from cooking to home decorating, will help you host an event that makes you proud!


 Looking for home decorating inspiration? Sign up for our inspiration design workshop where you will learn more about organizing furniture placement, detailing with accessories, seating configurations, decorative flower arrangements and inviting tablescapes. We’re here to teach you techniques for creating an ambiance that is all your own.


What is an Inspiration Workshop?

Design for Every Occasion


 Schedule your virtual Inspiration Design Workshop now and let us create a customized educational experience just for you. Whatever the occasion, let us show you how to make your next gathering a memorable one. 


    Inspiration Workshops (designed just for you) are individually priced at $100 each.


  Coming soon–our new Seasonal Design Workshop series. Check back often for more info on topics, schedules and sign-ups!


 Reserve Your Inspiration Workshop


Inspiration for Joyful Living


 Whether you are looking for inspiration to decorate for the holidays, to refresh your living space, or to host and personalize your next get-together—let us inspire you!


 If you have any questions about our Inspiration Design Workshops, we would love to hear from you! Reach out any time to Kristin@partagerlajoie