Let Summer's Ease Linger

August 01, 2021

Let Summer's Ease Linger


The arrival of August is an inevitable reminder of how quickly the summer passes by. We tend to let thoughts of routine, school and work schedules, and everything else in our busy lives creep back in. This August, let’s take advantage of the season at its peak and harness that feeling of carefree joy the summer gives us and allow ourselves a little time out to unplug, be still, listen to nature and loved ones. 

Try not to be distracted by constant multitasking and the notion that we always have to be doing something. Take time away from your devices and just be. Seek out downtime and encourage yourself and those around you to relish all the calming, relaxing, and peaceful moments the end of the season has to offer. Remember, summer doesn’t last forever so let yourself enjoy it!

Take advantage of August as your opportunity and try to focus inward on what it is that brings you calm. Capture it so that when life gets hectic, you know how to recenter.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how much inspiration we draw from the sea—that carefree feeling we get from salty air, water, sand, and strolling along the beach encourages us to unplug. We can’t live our lives in vacation mode every moment, of course; however, we can bring that sense of calm and being present back with us into our daily lives. Take care of yourself the way you do your family and friends and learn how to open your daily life to that same sense of tranquility. 

Summer Inspirations and Essentials:

From the farm to the sea: plan a seaside gathering or farm-to-table dinner outdoors. Whether it be a sunset beach dinner, a barbecue on the patio, a clambake, or a picnic in a field or vineyard, share joyful moments in relaxed, spontaneous ways. We’re sharing our beach picnic supply list to use as a template for your own special outdoor gatherings and we’ll be highlighting many simple and creative ways to get together as summer winds down.

Beach Picnic Supplies

Picnic basket

S’mores supplies (roasting sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars)

Beverage glasses

Serving utensils

Silverware/plates/ napkins

Fire making supplies (wood, lighter, paper, small shovel)

Hand sanitizer 

Garbage bags 




Beverage ice





Assorted serving baskets


Portable table

Wine opener

Cheese, cutting board, knife 





When the weather is warm it's nice to keep meal planning easy while taking advantage of the flavors of the season. Our epicure this month is highlighted with seaside inspiration and seasonal farm fresh produce. Think peaches, tomatoes, and corn—three of August’s tasty gems to add fresh late-summer flavors to each meal. Start the day with a little goodness on your toast— avocado and tomato with an egg, or nut butter spread topped with blueberries or peaches and a dash of cinnamon. Stir nuts and berries into a greek yogurt or add avocado and fresh greens to a morning smoothie. 

Savor light and healthy summer salads, our seasonal powerhouse! Elevate your salads by adding roasted corn or grilled summer squash. Put those beautiful ripe tomatoes to good use with our panzanella or make our rustic fresh tomato sauce over pasta. Grilled Peach and Burrata over arugula is great for a light lunch, or served with your favorite grilled protein for a well-balanced meal. With so many refreshing options to choose from, deciding may be the hardest part!

Summer Gazpacho

Grilled Peach and Burrata Salad 


Seafood Paella 

Tuna Poke

Fresh Tomato Sauce

New England Clambake

Summer Peach Pie

Peach Sorbet

Celebrating Summer’s Special Occasions 

Summer is ideal for making the most of time with the people you love! Once September rolls around it gets more complicated to gather, so go ahead and plan some get-togethers for your family and friends to enjoy.

Plan a stargazing party to enjoy the Perseids meteor shower, which will peak around August 11 and 12 but are visible for most of the month.  

Family-friendly outdoor games add spontaneity to your gatherings: Pro Kadima, spike ball, bean bag toss, or any other lawn game you fancy can get friends of all ages involved in spirited fun. 

Design Notes

Set a summer table — We like to use a variety of cotton and linen table coverings and napkins, mixing and matching patterned or striped fouta towels for that beachy flair we’re always after. Layering your neutrals with natural elements like shells, plants or wildflowers, lanterns, and candles or string lights also makes a perfectly simple summer presentation. Add some woven charger plates, white dishes, seasonal flowers and you’re on your way to a beautiful summer table. Don’t overthink your design, especially when it comes to outdoor entertainment, where a casual setup can still deliver a chic vibe.

Artfully arrange August’s finest — High summer sunbursts come in the form of cosmos, dahlias, lilies—and of course our favorites, those beautiful hydrangeas. What else do you have growing in your garden or available at a local farmer’s market? Think outside the vase and include arugula flowers, broccoli flowers, corn leaves, and wildflowers and wild grasses for texture! Arrange summer’s beautiful blooms for any occasion in mason jars or assorted small vases. Make a statement by using two cylinder vases, one narrow vase inside a  wider vase. Line the space between the two vases with sliced lemons, and then fill the inner vase with water. Add fresh sunflowers and bright blue hydrangeas—simply summer in a bottle!

Nourish Body, Mind, and Soul

Take a little time to prepare your refrigerator and pantry with healthy seasonal ingredients. Keep fresh salsas, guacamole, yogurt and hummus as well as washed and cut fruits and veggies on hand for healthy snacks and entertaining. Keep an ample supply of your favorites and mix it up occasionally with something new—chickpeas for your salad, artichokes with tomatoes for a pasta, or our make-your-own pickles when burgers on the grill are “what’s for dinner.”

Prioritize wellness. This means exercise—swimming, biking, kayaking, sailing, hiking, and more—but also taking time to read a book, journal, or just daydream. It's really ok to disconnect for a while, even for a short time. Some of our best ideas come when we allow time to just think without distracting ourselves with our to-do lists, our devices, our social media… Connect with a friend to paddleboard and grab an iced coffee. Take a walk on the beach or hike on a shady trail. Be present, live in the long lovely moment of summer’s apex.

Let the sun shine in you: find joy and fulfillment in keeping your everyday simple. Relish summer’s ease, filling each day with family, friends, and fun—where else would you rather be? Don’t let this special time pass you by. Savoring the moment will let you carry that summer feeling forward as you prepare to swing into September. 


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