Spring is Almost Here!

March 01, 2024

Spring is Almost Here!

We don’t know about you, but at partager la joie we’re ready to welcome spring with open arms! March brings with it that refreshing feeling we love—to be inspired by brighter, longer days and get energized to spring ahead with a focus on healthy living, revitalizing our spaces, and cultivating ways to share joy. We are bursting with anticipation of the first signs of nature beginning to bloom—sunny days, buds on the trees, and hints of green popping up everywhere. 


Now we feel the urge to simplify and lighten our lives and spaces. A renewed energy emerges with the longer days and motivates us not only to get outside, change up our routines, and enjoy a breath of fresh air after the winter, but also to make some inner changes as well. Perhaps it’s time to revisit those positive changes you initiated in the beginning of new year or maybe it’s the opportunity to start something new… 


The arrival of spring is also the perfect occasion to tell you how happy it makes us that you are here! We draw our inspiration from the way our community has grown. For those who are new here, partager la joie® (share the joy) is a lifestyle brand for creative hosting, cooking, design, curated retail, and unique workshops—all dedicated to help you create your own beautiful occasions and spaces to gather with the ones you love. We believe that joy is not just a fleeting moment, it’s a way of thinking. When you visit us, we want you to feel good—inspired, relaxed, energized, and motivated. 


We’re all about positivity, not perfection, and sharing our joy and vision with you. As we all know, days, seasons and years pass by quickly. Taking time to appreciate the everyday joyful moments along with the momentous ones leads us to more thoughtful connections with those around us. We appreciate this connection with you and are so grateful for this vibrant space to share our creative moments with you. Share this link with your loved ones and friends, if you think they might enjoy what’s happening here! 


Make the Spring Shift 

Do you find yourself looking to experience something new? It’s natural for us to get a bit restless at times, or to feel a little too comfortable with the “sameness” in our routines. We challenge you to harness this feeling and look at spring as a chance to make a shift of some sort in your environment or routine. At plj we have found that changing our environment even for a short time can make all the difference in our day or our week. Planning a solo outing for the day, a family trip to a new place, or a spontaneous getaway with a loved one can be just the spark to help us transition into the new season.


Celebrate the Coming of Spring

In like a lion, out like a lamb! Spring officially begins on March 19th. What will you do to mark the occasion? We’ve created a list of five of our favorite ways to celebrate the first day of spring. Tag us in your celebrations—and your suggestions for other ways to usher in springtime—so we can share with our Instagram community.


  1. Plan a picnic. This can be held indoors if mid-March is more lion than lamb where you live, but enjoying some of your favorite picnic treats will give you inspiration for warm and sunny days ahead. Check out our epicure for some fresh springtime inspiration.
  2. Make a beautiful spring flower arrangement or buy some new plants for your home.  

  3. Set your alarm to watch the sunrise. This is happening earlier and earlier, which is also a reason to celebrate!
  4. Get outside and enjoy nature. Take a stroll, go for a run, ride your bike, go hiking, take a cold plunge, or whatever you love to do outside.
  5. Make a spring intention to do something new this season, and a plan for how you’ll go about it. Start a new book, plan a trip, plant a garden, take a cooking class—whatever is meaningful and motivating to you. The important thing is to change things up a little bit. 

Gather Together in March


Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is our favorite occasion to celebrate everything green with some spirited springtime joy. The big green day falls on a Sunday this year—why not plan a gathering for family and friends? Set the table with a bowl of fresh limes or a vase of limelight hydrangeas. See our epicure for plenty of fresh ideas to put the emphasis on green in your menu, and challenge your invitees to the “wearing of the green.” Irish coffees or Guinness are a fun way to add a touch of Emerald Isle festiveness to your gathering.

 Take “green” a little further and use your gathering to showcase sustainability with fun zero-waste party favors like green water bottles, reusable coffee mugs or bento boxes, or beeswax food wraps to cut down on daily waste.  


Make the most of March Madness

If you are a college basketball fan, this is your month of spirited fun! We’ve got plenty of ideas in our epicure to up your game-day game—soft pretzels, fresh shrimp rolls, flavored popcorn and so much more. Go, team!


Pizza Party!

We love making pizza, either for a festive game night or a casual gathering with friends. It’s simple to make and fun for your guests. We’ve done several tutorials on pizza-making and have various topping recipes in our epicure. In a nutshell: a smart selection of ingredients means there will be something for everyone. Bell peppers, red onions, pineapple, fresh basil, and arugula are great ways to keep things light, bright, and colorful (all while adding a healthy spring dose of green). Sliced mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and a variety of cheeses will bring joy to the gourmands. And don’t forget a selection of pepperoni, ham, prosciutto, or sausage for the meat lovers. We have a few family signature favorites—caramelized onions with fig jam, prosciutto topped with fresh arugula and a caprese pizza that seems to always make it to our table!


Ring in Spring with Easter Bells

Easter falls on the last weekend of March this year so there is even more incentive to make spring pop early this month! Hosting an Easter brunch? To anticipate the spring vibe of your gathering, plant some muscari bulbs indoors in a few beautiful containers early in the month. Fill various vases with tulips, crocus and daffodils to scatter about your living space and incorporate them into your table setting. Choose lightweight linen or cotton table linens, while adding texture with woven table accessories. Adding a few accent plates in pale tones enhances a light and airy ambiance. Keep your menu light and bright (see our epicure) and if young children are part of your day—an Easter egg hunt outside is a wonderful, lively way to celebrate in the open air. We love to set a special Easter theme treat at each place-setting and this year we are using little woven baskets filled with pastel candy-coated confections and a little chocolate bunny in each basket.

Design Notes—Spring Sprucing 


Here are our top six tips for transitioning our home and ourselves to feel spring refreshed! 


  • Bring in flowers, plants and various florals
  • Think renewal and fresh brightness as you style your interiors and arrange seasonal blooms into your home. This month is the perfect time of year to force spring bulbs to open indoors—hyacinths, narcissus, crocus, and so many varieties of tulips are ideal choices. A woven container filled with your favorite spring flowers makes a wonderful addition to any table setting or indoor space. Add plants and bulbs in various containers throughout your home—glass jars, vases and woven containers. As buds begin to bloom they are perfect to incorporate in a table setting, on a side tray or in various areas of your living space.


    Add soft florals and new greenery, faux or real—we love a little of both! Change out your winter greenery for a more light, fresh feeling in your home. We love to style a little sunshine in our arrangements with forsythia, quince, or cherry branches simply placed in a statement vase—beautiful bright branches are a cheerful reminder that spring is on its way.


    1. Change up your home fragrance 

    Fresh and airy is our go-to vibe for spring—lemon, gardenia, sea salt, jasmine, lavender. We like diffusers (both reed and wall) and lots of freshly scented candles. We’ve added a new Santorini Escapist Candle to our collection that will transport you with its woodsy notes of sandalwood and amber, so reminiscent of the earthy fruity aromas of Santorini’s abundant fig trees and lush native currants. 


    We’ve learned to incorporate layers of scents to achieve the signature environment that feels like home to us. We’ll be talking more on the topic of home fragrances as the season progresses, so be sure to follow our IG!


  • Refresh through simplifying
  • Think about that peace of mind you get when your home is clutter-free and tidy... Springtime is about simplifying and lightening our indoor spaces. It’s amazing how much more clear-headed and energized we feel when our workspace, closets, pantry, and home are organized. Renewal is not just about getting rid of what no longer serves us, it's also about refreshing a tired space and creating something new. Not sure where to begin? Check out our unique Inspiration Workshops and let us assist you with techniques for creating an ambiance that is all your own. Learn more about our Inspiration Workshops here.


    1. Lighten your home accessories 

    Invite springtime light and a breath of fresh air when you set your table with our new linens and soft cotton napkins in new versatile prints and neutral palettes that are perfect for spring gathering. Style with plenty of tiny plants, flowers, and bloom-covered branches. Use layers— chargers, plates, servingware—and add a touch of texture with our woven products or olive wood accessories. New in our shop: timeless woven charger plates and napkin rings just in time for spring. We’ve added table accessories—natural textured coasters, bread baskets and a woven cylindrical vase to get that perfect spring vibe. We’ve sourced solid biodegradable dish soaps in a white ceramic bowls with bamboo pot scrubber brushes, along with white and bamboo biodegradable dish trays to give your kitchen a clean, sustainable makeover. 


    Replace heavy winter throw blankets with soft, lighter coverlets and shams, perfect to add an overlay of texture at the end of your bed or drape over the corner of your sofa. Our beautiful lightweight throw blankets are in stock and we’ve added an adorable new stroller blanket to keep any new spring arrivals stylish and comfy as the season changes.  Shop new curated finds in our home collection.


  • Make a seasonal style edit 
  • Speaking of a refresh, it’s time to reinvigorate our spring closet with amazing new finds. Light and airy wide leg cotton pants in white and slip-on white cotton shorts are here, and soon to be your go-to favorites! We’ve added a beautiful neutral and striped beach dress and a super cute and versatile kimono perfect for warm weather days. Our breezy cotton gauze tops, sarongs, adorable carry all totes and oversized woven bag are perfect for a day by the sea or an excursion to the first farmer’s market of spring. 


    If travel is part of your springtime plan, we’ve got you covered with our ever-so-cozy loungewear, comfy travel scarves, terry-lined spring pouches, and essential organic travel sets. Shop chic style collection.

  • Find your calm and clarity
  • With the change of seasons arrives time to prioritize our wellness rituals. Restful nights are on our minds with our new sleep collection—Magnesium Bath Soak Sanctuary, Eye Pillow Spa Therapy with Lavender, and our Lavender Luna Bedtime Pillow and Sheet Spray—wonderful new additions we’re sure you’ll love!  Bring a sense of cleansing renewal and infuse your self-care routine with our curated collection of beauty elixirs, new Himalayan salt bar, Agave cloths and other wellness essentials. Refresh your skin with a spritz of rose hydrating spray, our hydrating signature hand cream and nourishing foot balm (essentials to keep by your bedside). And just in: show your lips some love with our moisture-replenishing lip balm, in a convenient slip-in-your-bag clear pouch.  Shop wellness collection. 

    March Epicure


    This month we’ve chosen recipes designed to simplify, lighten, and freshen your menus for spring—farmer’s market pasta, kale Caesar salad, fresh spring rolls, and make-your-own pizzas. For breakfast, banana yogurt bread and vanilla chia seed pudding are light, healthy, and delicious. Craving some island time? Try some of our Caribbean faves: Jerk chicken bowls with coconut rice and pineapple black bean salsa, coconut date smoothies, seafood paella, tuna poke bowls, and a few game-day snacks for March Madness. Brighten your Easter brunch with our sweet mango mimosa and our tried and true favorites Eggs Benedict topped with fresh greens and Quiche Lorraine, with a tropical fruit salad or a sunny lemon tart to finish!


    Banana Yogurt Bread

    Coconut Date Smoothies


    Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

    Classic Eggs Benedict

    Quiche Lorraine 

    Fresh Spring Rolls

    Kale Caesar Salad

    Tuna Poke Bowls

    Seafood Paella

    Garden Herb Pasta 

    Jerk Chicken Bowls w/Coconut Rice, Pineapple and Bean Salsa 

    Make-Your-Own Pizzas

    Soft Pretzels

    Mango Mimosa

    Spiral Ham

    Tropical Fruit Salad

    Roasted Pineapple

    Lemon Tart

    Spring Forward


    Renewal means setting aside some time to embrace a fresh perspective. Let's be grateful that winter is on its way out and that the days are getting longer. Gratitude is nourishing to our soul and provides a cleansing revitalization to our everyday life.  As we refresh our homes and reinvigorate ourselves for spring, let’s prioritize mindfulness practices and wellness routines while welcoming in new opportunities for growth. And as we make this shift into renewal, let’s find joy in these moments and the light, bright spring days ahead of us.



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