Spring Smiles Ahead

March 01, 2023

Spring Smiles Ahead

Making the Shift into Renewal


Let’s welcome March with open arms! It’s your moment to be inspired by brighter, longer days and get energized to spring ahead with a focus on healthy living, decluttering your spaces, and cultivating ways to share joy. At plj we love anticipating the first hints in nature beginning to bloom—sunshine-filled days, buds on the trees and hints of green popping up everywhere. There’s something in the change of seasons that nourishes us—and with the coming of spring in particular, change means new growth, and that inspires us to refresh and anticipate what lies ahead. 


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to not just experience something new, but to be new? Well, yes… It’s natural for us to get a bit restless at times, or to feel that we’re a little too comfortable with the “sameness" in our routines.  When spring approaches we feel it on the inside, too. It’s about simplifying and lightening our indoor spaces. A renewed energy emerges and motivates us not only to get outside, change up our fitness routines, and enjoy a breath of fresh air after the winter, but also to make some inner changes as well. At partager la joie we have found that changing our environment even for a short time can change our entire day. Getting out in nature, taking a family trip to a new place or going on a spontaneous getaway with a loved one may be just the shift we need this spring season. 


Even a small shift can feel like renewal. Perhaps it’s time to revisit those positive changes you initiated in the beginning of new year, or maybe it’s the opportunity to start something new—whatever this may mean to you. 

Live in the moment 

At plj we often talk about the benefits of a healthy mindset and sharing the joys of everyday moments with each other—the power of kind words and a smile, of being a good listener and encouraging those we love to do the same.


Speaking of those we love, the arrival of spring is the perfect occasion to tell you how happy it makes us at plj that you are here! You are our inspiration—and nurturing a community of positive creativity and meaningful sharing is our mission. For those who are new to us, partager la joie®  —share the joy—is a seasonally inspired lifestyle space for creative hosting, cooking, design, curated retail, and unique workshops, all dedicated to help you create your own beautiful occasions to gather with the ones you love. We believe that joy is not just a fleeting moment, it’s a way of thinking. When you visit us, we want you to feel good—inspired, relaxed, energized, and motivated. We’re all about positivity, not perfection, and sharing our creative joys with you. As we all know, the seasons pass by quickly. Taking time to appreciate the everyday joyful moments along with the momentous ones leads us to more thoughtful connections with those around us.

  Lighter and Brighter


Organize your home (and mind 😊)

Think about that feeling when your home is clutter-free and tidy—it gives you peace of mind. Springtime is about simplifying and lightening our indoor spaces. Make a spring spruce-up game plan and tackle each room in your home. Create a system to sort papers, clothes, toys, crafts, pantry, laundry, garage, and storage items. Take note of what you have—donate items you don’t use and discard anything expired. Focus on one area of your living space at a time before moving on to the next. 


This may sound tedious, but the better organized we are, the easier it is to take on the day and manage the many responsibilities we have in our lives. It’s amazing how much more clear-headed and energized we feel when our workspace, closets, and mind are spring-spruced! Renewal is not just about getting rid of what no longer serves us, it's also about refreshing a tired space and creating something new. Not sure where to begin? Check out our unique Inspiration Workshops and let us assist you with techniques for creating an ambiance that is all your own. Learn more about our Inspiration Workshops here.


Make Room to Create New Energy


Let the daisy days begin

Think renewal and fresh brightness as you style your table and arrange seasonal blooms to incorporate spring’s bounty into your home. In March we like to style a little sunshine in our arrangements with forsythia branches simply placed in a statement vase—beautiful bright branches are a cheerful reminder that spring is on its way. This month is the perfect time of year to force spring bulbs to open indoors—hyacinths, narcissus, crocus, and so many varieties of tulips are ideal choices. Filling a woven container with daisies (or any other flowers that make you think spring) make a wonderful addition to any table setting or indoor space, or a thoughtful gift to brighten many days to come for someone special!


Bring the sunshine to your table

Invite springtime light and a breath of fresh air when you edit your table’s look with our crisp new linens or soft cotton napkins in versatile neutral palettes. Use layers of white plates and add a touch of texture with our woven products or olive wood accessories. Style with plenty of tiny plants, flowers, and bloom-covered branches. Shop home collection.


Refresh your home and closet

Scatter fragrant candles throughout your home. Our citrus and sunshine, lilac and cotton, and juniper and lavender scents are a few of our spring favorites. Replace heavy winter throw blankets with soft, lighter ones, perfect to add an overlay at the end of your bed or drape over the corner of your sofa. 


Invigorate your spring wardrobe with our stylish dresses, cute cotton gauze tops and new sarongs and adorable carry all woven totes–perfect for the beach. Since travel may be part of your springtime plan, we’ve stocked up on ever-so-cozy loungewear, comfy travel scarves, terry-lined spring pouches, and essential organic travel sets. Shop chic style collection.


Find your calm and clarity

Bring a sense of cleansing with the change of seasons and infuse your self-care routine with our collection of beauty elixirs, body oils, and bath salts and other wellness essentials. Refresh your skin with a spritz of rose hydrating spray, our hydrating signature hand cream (back in stock!) and our nourishing foot balm. Carry it all in our must-have white terry-lined pouch. Shop wellness collection.

Gather Together in March


St Patrick’s Day

One of the things we love about St. Patrick’s Day is that it gives us an occasion to celebrate everything green—which automatically puts us in a bright mood, with renewal on our minds. Set the table with a bowl of fresh limes or a vase of limelight hydrangeas. Toss a handful of kale into a favorite smoothie. Lighten up the dinner routine with super salads like our kale Caesar with chicken or shaved brussels sprout salad. Turn pasta green with our favorites, including garden herb pasta salad and lemon orzo with spinach. 


Make lime-flavored simple syrup or snip fresh mint to add a touch of green merriment to a cocktail or sparkling water to toast the Luck of the Irish with everyone. Kids love baking, so why not let them help with a batch of delicious vanilla cupcakes with green buttercream frosting? Whether or not you can claim any Irish heritage, this spirited, fun day is a good excuse for a gathering to share some springtime joy.


Celebrate the arrival of spring

The first day of spring falls on March 20th this year. Here are five ways to celebrate and share joy on that day! 

  • Plan a picnic (maybe it won’t be outside, but enjoying some of your favorite springtime sips and bites will give you inspiration for warm and sunny days ahead, sometimes all that’s needed for a positive shift).  
  • Make a beautiful spring flower arrangement or buy some new plants for your home.  
  • Watch the sunrise to welcome a new season, and think about your intentions for the three months to come. 
  • Enjoy nature—take a walk, run, bike ride, or visit someplace beautiful. Whatever you do, get outside!

  • Make up your mind to do something new this season. Start a new book, plan a trip, plant a garden, take a cooking class. Choose something that’s meaningful to you, and use spring as the motivation to make it happen. 😊


Host a pizza get-together

A make-your-own pizza gathering lets your guests participate in the fun by creating their own individual pies. A smart selection of ingredients means there will be something for everyone. Bell peppers, red onions, pineapple, fresh basil, and arugula are great ways to keep things fresh, bright, and colorful (all while adding a healthy spring dose of green). Sliced mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and a variety of cheeses will bring joy to the gourmands. And don’t forget a selection of pepperoni, ham, prosciutto, or sausage for the meat lovers. Grab some full-bodied wine or craft beers and enjoy your company!

 Make the most of March Madness

If you are a college basketball fan, this is your month of spirited fun! We’ve got plenty of ideas in our epicure to up your game-day game—soft pretzels, fresh shrimp rolls, flavored popcorn and so much more. Go, team!

March Epicure


This month we’ve chosen recipes designed to simplify, lighten, and freshen your menus for spring—farmer’s market pasta, kale Caesar salad, fresh spring rolls, and make-your-own pizzas. For breakfast, banana yogurt bread, vanilla chia seed pudding, and morning glory muffins are healthy and delicious. Craving some island time? Try some of our Caribbean faves: Jerk chicken bowls with coconut rice and pineapple black bean salsa, coconut date smoothies, seafood paella, tuna poke bowls, and a few game-day snacks for March Madness.


Fresh Spring Rolls

Kale Caesar Salad

Make-Your-Own Pizzas

Garden Herb Pasta 

Banana Yogurt Bread

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Morning Glory Muffins

Coconut Date Smoothies

Mango Sorbet

Seafood Paella

Jerk Chicken Bowls with Coconut Rice and Pineapple Black Bean Salsa

Tuna Poke Bowls

Soft Pretzels

Spring Forward


The most important thing to remember about renewal is that it means setting aside some time for yourself to embrace a fresh perspective. Be grateful that winter is on its way out and that the days are getting longer. Gratitude is both cleansing and nourishing as it makes room to share our joy. Try to declutter your day just as you declutter your home, and prioritize your mindfulness practices and self-care routines while fostering new opportunities for growth. And as you make this shift into renewal, enjoy these moments and the light, bright spring days ahead! 


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