Simple Fresh Tomato Pizza

May 01, 2022

Simple Fresh Tomato Pizza

Pizza a delicious and simple way to use those seasonal tomatoes!

- Store bought pizza dough

- 2 large fresh tomatoes- sliced

- 1 container fresh mozzarella cheese- sliced 

- 1 bunch fresh basil 

- Olive oil

- Kosher salt

- Crushed red pepper and grated parmesan cheese (optional) 

Take dough out of refrigerator and let rise for several hours. We place dough on lightly floured surface covered in the morning to rise for pizza making that evening.

 Preheat oven to 490F.   Once dough has risen-stretch and shape into wide circle -place on parchment paper. Coat top of dough lightly with olive oil and kosher salt.  Arrange sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. Season with salt, crushed red pepper and grated parmesan cheese if desired.  Use pizza peel to place pizza on parchment paper directly on oven rack. Can also use round baking sheet if you prefer. Cook pizza until dough is lightly bubbling. Watch carefully-takes about 12-15mins depending on oven temp. Remove pizza carefully from oven with pizza peel. Let cool for a few minutes, slice with pizza cutter wheel and enjoy!  Fun option is to make small individual pizzas for your family or guests