Grilled Salmon with Smokehouse Maple Seasoning

June 01, 2021

Grilled Salmon with Smokehouse Maple Seasoning


-Salomon filets ( 1/2 lb portions with skin removed)

- juice of 1 lemon

- Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple Seasoning 

- Kosher salt 


In a grill pan, add salmon filets and cover with fresh lemon juice. Cover generously with Smokehouse Maple Seasoning and salt. Grill salmon to your desired temperature and serve. Salmon with skin on bottom can also be grilled directly on barbecue, just remove skin before serving. Great served with our Orzo and Spinach Pasta

 I have made this recipe so many times and everyone loves it. Super, simple and delicious for a weeknight dinner. The seasoning is available in grocery stores or on Amazon.