Polish Pickles

May 01, 2022

Polish Pickles

Shared by Karolina

A family favorite recipe- crisp, fresh, deli style pickles are a perfect compliment to your Memorial Day barbecue( or with your favorite sandwich).

-wash and dry mason jars ( quart size work well)

-wash and slice pickling cucumbers

- peel horseradish root( available in produce section) and cut into rectangular pieces- use about 5 sections per jar

- cut and peeled garlic- about 4-5 single sections per jar

- 1/8 cup kosher salt ( varies depending taste) per jar

-1/4 cup fresh dill (varies depending on taste) per jar

- add horseradish root, dill, kosher salt and garlic to mason jar. Fill jar half way with cold water. Add sliced pickling cucumbers to jar and pack lengthwise as many spears as jar will accommodate.  Fill jar with additional cold water to top if needed. Seal jar and refrigerate. Repeat process for remaining jars. Depending on taste preference, pickles can be ready in a few days or up to a week. Pickles stay fresh in refrigerator for a few weeks.  

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