Welcome to partager la joie’s design service

We’re so happy you’re here. Let’s take a moment to describe our Inspiration Consultation process.

What is an Inspiration Consultation?

Our Inspiration Consultation is a one-time individual virtual meeting with a design consultant.

How Should I Prepare For My Consultation?

In order to prepare for our meeting, we like to get to know your style and how you envision your gathering or your newly edited space. We ask that you complete our personal design survey at least three business days prior to our scheduled consultation so we are able to present meaningful ideas and share inspiration specifically designed for you.

How Do I Schedule My Appointment?

After completing purchase of your Inspiration Consultation, you will be directed to our calendar to schedule an appointment at your convenience.
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What Should I Expect During My Virtual Meeting?

Now that we know more about your design needs based on the information we have gathered from you, we have prepared our design ideas to help inspire your event or project. We’re excited to share these ideas with you during our scheduled virtual meeting. By creating an inspiration board, we will help you organize the preliminary planning details of your design to showcase your vision and get started on your way to creating an event or curating a room that is perfectly and joyfully you!

What Does An Inspiration Consultation Cost?

The fee for one Inspiration Consultation is $100.

How Do I Complete Payment For My Inspiration Consultation?

Simply purchase your Inspiration Consultation through our secure website. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive an automated email with access to our calendar to schedule your appointment and a link to complete your personal design survey.
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What If I Would Like to Continue Working With A Design Consultant Beyond My Inspiration Consultation?

At partager la joie we are pleased to accompany you as far along into the design process as you would like. Whether your design needs are inspiration, organizational ideas, assistance sourcing elements of decor or detailed plans, we are happy to assist you. Our fee for ongoing services is hourly and individually priced.

Thank you for choosing partager la joie design. We are delighted to work with you! Creating joy in design and inspiring our clients to share that joy in their gatherings and their homes is our raison d’être. Let us find our joy in inspiring you!