Inspiration Workshop

ONE virtual inspiration workshop designed just for you. After checkout, you will receive an email to book your session and complete pre-workshop notes. Feel free to reach out any time with questions to Kristin@partagerlajoie

THE DETAILS—In order for us to prepare for your workshop, we’d like to get to know your style and the gathering or newly edited space you envision. After purchasing your Inspiration Design Workshop, you will receive access to our calendar to schedule your workshop and a personal design survey to complete and return to us at least one week prior to your scheduled session. 

During your virtual workshop you will meet with one of our design consultants and receive tips of the trade, from cooking to home decorating. We’ll guide you through how to plan your menu, personalize, and detail your venue, arrange decorative floral designs, and set a festively inspired table. You will receive a virtual customized design inspiration board during your workshop to take notes, ask questions, and organize all your new ideas. After your workshop, you will be well on your way to creating a gathering or curating a room in your home that is perfectly and joyfully you!