Pie Crust

November 01, 2020

Pie Crust

Recipe from cooking class @Le Pain Quotidien 

Brisée Dough
Makes 1x 9” pie crust
Ingredients in grams
Butter, unsalted, chilled 120gm
All-purpose Flour 137gm
Sugar 3gm
Salt 2gm
Water, cold 38gm
Mix together dry ingredients in a medium bowl.
Cut butter into dry ingredients until it slightly smaller than when you started.
Add liquid in small amounts, working the dough until it comes together, being
careful not to over-work the dough or over hydrate it.
Shape the dough into a round, cover and refrigerate until use.
Roll out into 12” round, atleast . inch thick).
For pies, blind bake for atleast 15-30 minutes with beans inside of a parchment at
375-400F before adding the pie filling to help crisp up the crust and prevent soggy


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