How to Give Thoughtful Gifts That Everyone Loves

January 21, 2020 1 Comment

How to Give Thoughtful Gifts That Everyone Loves

It’s easy to grab a last-minute gift for a friend’s birthday ‘with a click.’ However, giving a gift goes far beyond ‘picking something.’ A thoughtful gift creates a particular type of joy — for the giver and receiver. 

At partager la joie, we celebrate the art of thoughtful giving. Choosing that perfect something for a dear friend or loved one lets them know you’re thinking of them.   

What can you do this year to make everyone’s gift special? 


Listen to cues

If you’re with a family member or friend and they mention something they like, make a note of it (while the thought is fresh). How about that faux-fur scarf your mom admired in a store or the wine your friend enjoyed at dinner? 

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, you can surprise someone you love with a ‘just because’ gift or make their birthday feel unique with a “You remembered I liked that!” treat.

What a powerful way to show you care!

Think experience gifts

When you’re looking for a gift online, it’s sometimes overwhelming to wade through the e-commerce ‘noise,’ hoping to find that particular store and gift. Need a little direction? That’s where experience gifts come in...


  • If you know her schedule, book her a luxurious treatment at an elegant salon.
  • Is there an exclusive restaurant she’s mentioned? Surprise her with a reservation.
  • If she loves perfume, take her to a boutique parfumerie. Sample the delightful fragrances — then (covertly) buy her the one she loves.

Experience gifts open the opportunity for your friend or loved one to indulge in something special — either alone (for some downtime) or together. 

Presentation is part of thoughtful gift-giving

Similar to how you set the table for dinner — taking the time to arrange your favorite linens and silverware — how you present your gift shows your thoughtfulness.  

  • Wrap your gift in beautiful parchment.
  • Tuck a fresh sprig of greens under the ribbon or natural linen cord
  • Prepare your gift using furoshiki: the art of Japanese gift wrapping. The beauty of furoshiki is that the wrapping is also a beautiful gift! Wrap your special item in a pretty fabric that your friend or loved one can use elsewhere. 

When it comes to wrapping your gift, put your best creative foot forward. Whoever is lucky enough to receive your gift will be delighted — well before they see what’s inside!

Draw on the senses

We experience the world through our senses. Use the five senses to guide your gift-giving! 

  • Touch: Think beautiful textiles: a faux-fur-trimmed vest or poncho, baby-soft gloves or silky, curl-up-on-the-couch lounge pants.

  • Sight: Choose a visually inspiring gift: An elegant tote, pouch, or clutch or a handmade, silk-screened scarf.

  • Hearing: How about listening-type gifts? Give a book with an audible option, create a playlist of special music, get tickets to a musical, or schedule a meditation class (for a different sound experience).

  • Smell: Select an essential-oil-based gift — some lavender or rose bath-oils and salts, a favorite candle or body butter, a take-home spa kit, or a pretty vase (or container) with fragrant, seasonal flowers.

  • Taste: Host a luncheon at your home for a few close friends — excite everyone’s taste buds with baby kale chicken caesar salad, a market-fresh quiche and seasonal fruit skewers. As your gathering winds down, treat your guests to lattes and gourmet cupcakes (with candles) for dessert. 

Giving from the heart

Thinking about what your loved one enjoys is the first step toward thoughtful gift-giving. The second step is presenting the gift to them and seeing their appreciation. The third step — and the most important — is sharing joy with someone you love. 

At partager la joie, we choose items to make your gift-giving special (and easy!). Also, when you buy select items (coming soon), a portion of the proceeds will go to a charitable organization. Come on in!

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December 28, 2020

This site is beautiful. The ideas are inspirational. I cannot wait to try some of the recipes!

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