Are You Ready To Move Into May? (We Are!)

May 04, 2020

Are You Ready To Move Into May? (We Are!)

As the world continues to navigate social distancing and adapt to limited in-person interactions, we are making progress and moving forward. 

It's the perfect time to support each other, encourage creativity, and use our time to make joyful moments. 


May celebrations

This month, at partager la joie, we're looking forward to three special May celebrations, while also finding new, meaningful ways to share joy.


May 5th: Cinco de Mayo



This year, celebrating Cinco de Mayo may include being together with family at home. Make your May 5th festive and fun with a Cinco de Mayo happy hour. 

Line up your favorite Mariachi playlist, then whip up a batch of fresh-squeezed lime and orange margaritas.Serve homemade avocado and tomato salsa with your favorite tortilla chips- kick back and relax. Salud!


May 10th: Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to every mom! This is such a special day — a time to show moms how much they mean to us. Reach out to all the moms you know, as each one makes our world a better place.

 If you're a mom, know that the love you give will last a lifetime. Whether your children are six, sixteen or sixty, cherish every moment with them and the role you play in their lives. 



This Mother's Day, create special moments together. 

  • Meet in the kitchen and make a favorite family recipe. When it comes to the preparations and clean up, support your mom and remind her that this is her day.
  • Organize a mini book club — leading up to May 10th, read a book together (or revisit one you've both read) and talk about it over tea and our Simply Sweet Scones. (Is there a mother figure in the story that you can discuss?)
  • Prompt her to tell her favorite family stories — start with, "Mom, remember when…" or "What was it like when you…?" As she eases into her story, listen to her with an open, joyful heart.

Going to the store for a gift might not be possible this year. And doing a search online for Mother's Day gifts can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

 We can help! If you're looking for that special something, check out our thoughtfully curated Mother's Day gift guide. We also have a selection of new wellness products (lavender neck wraps, eye pillows, and more.)


May 25th: Memorial Day



Summer is just around the corner! The upcoming warmer weeks will create an excellent opportunity to embrace your outdoor spaces — from your al fresco dining area to your garden.  

Check out our Turkish and Fouta towels perfect for wrapping around your shoulders on chilly nights on the patio or as you gather around the fire pit.

We also have a chic market beach basket — ideal for carrying everything you need for a picnic, the pool or a day at the beach.

Give your outdoor dining area a luxurious touch with lilac and cotton scented candles, beautiful rattan, woven dinnerware, and crisp linens.


Celebration recipes



Looking for some go-to recipes to welcome the warmer days? Think about planning a barbecue or learning how to make pickles?  Try our latest collection of partager la joie recipes.  




There is always a sense of pride when you can grow something yourself — especially if you inspire your family by cooking with ingredients from your herb garden. 



Consider planting a garden table or filling some of your favorite planters with fresh, tasty spices. Encourage family members to snip basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, and mint for all your summer favorite "sips and bites." 





Gather your favorite outdoor pottery or baskets and add some sweet spring pansies. They’re hardy enough to put outside and will provide a splash of color to your front doorway or patio.

Bring fresh-cut flowers to your indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. Make lovely arrangements with fragrant lilacs, delicate lilies of the valley, or with late blooming tulips or seasonal branches.



Kids’ garden-related activities

With students of all ages learning from home right now, it may be fun to incorporate some outdoor-inspired learning. 

Learn to build and fly a kite or spark their curiosity with gifts from nature. For young children, we love the idea of setting up a small netted tent where children can observe the metamorphosis of a butterfly. 

Encourage older learners to take their studies outside too. Taking a hike or perhaps reading in a shady spot or painting at an outdoor easel may provide inspiration away from all that screen time.





As we all continue to shelter in place, people living by themselves — elderly neighbors and family members — miss the support they get from going out or having people drop by. Brighten their day with a call, text, or video chat — a simple gift of kindness that will surely make an incredible difference!


Show community members your appreciation

The school year is wrapping up after a challenging couple of months. Teachers around the country have adapted to new ways of reaching their students. 

What an important time to let them know how much you appreciate their dedication as they moved to online instruction and working from home.

Also, take a moment to show appreciation for our devoted healthcare workers who continue to work under challenging circumstances. In addition, make every effort to support your community and those in need.  

Reach out to your local food bank and consider a donation. Remember we are all in this together.


Make joy part of every day



As May unfolds, we will find new ways to celebrate our mothers, graduates, and those having birthdays. 

If you can't be with the people you love, create joy in other ways. Send video messages to loved ones from afar. Consider recording an interview with your mother or grandmother to collect their thoughts or give your graduates the spotlight and let them reflect on life and their plans for the future — certain to be treasured gifts to pass on for years to come.

Capturing memories through photography can be a beautiful way to express love and support. Take advantage of the gift of time and togetherness to collect some precious images to share with those you love. 

If you can be together, plan to host a small gathering outdoors and present each family with a picnic basket full of delicious treats to enjoy while keeping some space within the group.


Enjoy the quieter moments



Without all the activities that generally keep us busy, we’ve been given the opportunity to pause — to make time for more conversations and try new things to enhance our self-growth.  

Take the time to appreciate and prioritize what really matters. Above all, remember we each touch many lives, so celebrate the moments~ both small and large with those you love and always, in your own creative way, share joy!


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