Refreshing our Lives in May

May 01, 2022

Refreshing our Lives in May

We welcome May like a breath of fresh air, the joyous season of celebrations we anticipate all year—weddings, graduations, and special time with family and friends. May is a dress rehearsal for summer—as we ready ourselves for many fun-filled and carefree outdoors occasions ahead. It’s also when we celebrate our moms! At partager la joie we’re excited for every opportunity this month offers to celebrate togetherness and make memories with those who matter most in our lives.


If you’re a new follower here, know that each month we make suggestions to inspire you to find your own creative ways to gather your loved ones around you and share your joy. If you’ve been following our blog for some time then you know that at partager la joie, we love to plan! Travel plans, get togethers and special occasions, menu planning, home and garden, and gathering design ideas and plans. We believe that planning occasions makes them happen—and making the time to spend with people you enjoy being with is one of the most beautiful things we can do to appreciate the everyday.


May’s Occasions to Celebrate


Cinco de Mayo—Stock up on limes and invite a few friends to enjoy a fresh-air fiesta! Gather around and make a pitcher of our Fresh Margaritas, Avocado and Tomato Salsa, Shrimp Ceviche and chips… or make it a cooking class—and learn how to make churros together. If you’re celebrating with kids, make or buy a piñata and fill it with wrapped candies. There’s nothing quite like the release, for people of all ages, of taking a good swing at the piñata and enjoying the joyful eruption of sweets everywhere!


Kentucky Derby—Who’s to say the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports doesn’t make a fine occasion to gather for a boisterous apéro or light meal? This year’s race falls on the evening of Saturday, May 7, so strew a few red roses in anticipation of the winner, invite some friends, place your bets, and consult our May Epicure for our Mint Julep as well as ideas for small bites or dinner fare. 


Grateful for Mom—Mother’s Day is the moment to express gratitude for the special moms in our lives, although we think it’s important to appreciate our moms every day! This year it falls on Sunday, May 8th in the US. We all know and have been loved and influenced by a mother—or several, between our moms, grandmothers, that special aunt… Maybe you’re even a mother yourself. There’s the family you’re given and that family grows with special members you choose to include as you build your own, and most of us have a handful of beloved “mom” figures, including teachers, mentors, older friends, and in-laws, that we can also honor on this special day for the many gifts they’ve given us. Maybe some of the moms you hold in your heart are no longer with us, which may make this day bittersweet. If so, today is a good day to celebrate the lasting love they have given to you. Mother’s Day is a time when we honor all moms and reach out to let them know how much we cherish all these special women, and the ways they have shaped our lives.  


Like any holiday, Mother’s Day can be challenging if you live at a distance from your loved ones. If so, schedule a time for a video call with your family to show appreciation and make your Mom feel loved. Sending a card, a thoughtful gift, or flowers is also a gesture of love, but know that nothing can be more heartfelt than warm voices and loving faces sharing joy from afar. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Memorial Day—This holiday falls on the 30th of May this year, the weekend known as the unofficial start of summer! It’s a day of patriotic gratitude, when we honor the sacrifices made for us by generations of servicemen and women. Plan a picnic at home, the beach, or wherever your destinations may bring you. Drape your table in red, white, and blue, and add flags to your outdoor space. If you’re planning an evening meal, the sky will provide the stars for your stars and stripes… just add sparklers and s’mores by the fire! Wow your guests with our make-your-own pickle recipe—so simple, fresh, and delicious. Homemade lemonade with mint sprigs from the garden is always a refreshing delight to accompany the first barbecue of the season. 


What about that long stretch in the middle of May, between Mother’s Day and Memorial day? May is all about hitting the refresh button this year, so how about starting some new traditions? We highlighted the importance of our circle of love on our February blog, and this concept ties in well for any occasion. The bottom line is that it really doesn't matter what day you make time for each other, it just matters that you do find that time. Pick a theme or for that matter a location that everyone loves—go ahead, mix things up. As you probably have noticed, we love to make an event of the sunset. Grab an apéritif with those special someones and toast this beautiful wonder of nature. Or why not plan an Unbirthday Party—it’s the perfect way to make a special occasion where there is none! Even something as mundane as Friday night movie night can become a fun gathering, if you get everyone brainstorming on it—see our epicure for great customizable popcorn recipes. Although we find comfort in routine, it’s quite invigorating to make room to experience the new. Give it a try—we think you’re going to like it...


Design Notes


Now that spring is in full swing, we’re bursting with blooms of all kinds… At partager la joie,  May means lilacs! In New England, and in many other climates as well, these delicate blooms in shades of purple and white are an iconic hallmark of this month, and freshly cropped lilacs in a dramatic vessel bring pure spring joy. May is also the perfect time to take advantage of the many blooms in your outdoor space—late spring tulips popping up, blossom-covered branches—and the time to create and plant our beautiful outdoor planters and gardens. Come shop our beautiful handcrafted woven containers and baskets to style your warm-weather season! 


Set the Table—It’s time to enjoy dining outdoors! Bring on the picnics, barbecues, and plein-air apéros with family and friends. We love outdoor gatherings because they are elegant yet simple, playful but not fussy, and—you guessed it—so joyful! Lighten up your tableware—think linens that are easy to care for, seasonal table decor, woven accents, some candles, and voilà! You're ready to welcome your guests. 


Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all of the seasonally inspired table settings and outdoor design ideas we’re so excited to share with you but don’t have room for on this blog! Looking for curated inspiration ideas for hosting your summer events? Get in touch here and let us give you some expert guidance through a personalized workshop designed just for you!


May Product Highlights 

Take a look at the adorable summer styles we’ve curated for you across our collections this garden party and beach season! Super cute dresses, totes and raffia earrings, brand-new woven home accessories and plantars, table linens, lightweight throws, and freshly scented seasonal candles and wellness essentials are just a few of the items we’re excited to show you.



We’re in the mood for light cuisine that boasts seasonal flavors this month. Our simply sweet scones are a wonderful addition to any Mother’s Day brunch or tea—easy to make, yet slightly decadent. We’ve got the Cinco de Mayo basics covered for you with our classic margaritas and our fresh salsa, and we’ve gathered plenty of other fresh ideas to perk up your spring cuisine and kick off your barbecue season.

Simply Sweet Scones

Avocado and Tomato Salsa

Make Your Own Pickles

Watermelon, Blueberry and Feta Flag Salad

No Mayo Potato Salad

Grilled Lemon and Herb Chicken

Simple Fresh Tomato Pizza


Fresh Margarita

Mint Julep

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies


Move through May with a Mindful Reset

As we welcome the calm, gentle days of May, let the occasions we celebrate recenter us in our gratitude. Take a moment to focus our energy on appreciating life—nature, our loved ones, our connection with each other and with ourselves. Let’s savor these refreshing late spring days and create a spirit of joyousness together with the ones we cherish most🤍




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