Create a Cozy Oasis in October

October 01, 2020

Create a Cozy Oasis in October

With its refreshing briskness made to measure for basking in stunning foliage and scenery, October is the ideal time to gather with friends and family. Connect with loved ones, relax, spend time outdoors and enjoy all the jewels autumn has to offer: warm cider, pumpkin picking, hay rides... need we say more? With so much of our attention fixed on all that’s going on in the world—unrest, a pandemic, and contentious politics at home and abroad—it’s more important than ever to take a breath, recenter, and focus. Let us be kind to each other and make our best efforts to find, celebrate, and share joy during these stressful times.



October Epicure



The changing of the seasons is all about putting some cozy into your menus. Comfort food can be both healthy and hearty when you team up with autumnal allies like pumpkin, fall squash, and apples!


See our seasonal favorites.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apple Cider Martini

Pumpkin Nut-Milk Latte

Butternut Squash Soup

A Sunday Roast

Autumn Roasted Vegetables

Pumpkin Bread


October Happenings 

After a long hot summer, that chill in the air and the first frost can be as exciting as the first glimpse of fall foliage. October means leaf peeping, pumpkin carving, and maybe even a corn maze. It's a time to bring joy through warmth, hosting cozy gatherings, and creating a tranquil retreat for you and your loved ones at home.


At partager la joie, we feel it is important to create joyful moments anytime you can. Sometimes just a kind word, caring call, or small, thoughtful gift can change someone’s day or week. Simple acts of kindness make a huge impact to both the giver and recipient. So don’t let the cold weather cool your urge to share your joy with those around you who might need a little extra boost of it in a time full of uncertain transitions.



Outdoor fireside gatherings — October offers two full moons this year—the harvest moon on October 1, and the hunter moon on Halloween! So grab your warm sweaters and cozy blankets and celebrate the full moon (or the arrival of chilly weather in general) with an outdoor fireside cocktail gathering or dinner with friends. Since physical distancing is now the name of the game, why not take advantage of the breathtaking views and invigorating weather and plan your gatherings in your outdoor living space?



Spruce up by adding fall plantings to your containers, scattering warm blankets, adding fall-scented candles, and even placing an outdoor heater or two to extend your outdoor gathering time for weeks to come. Greet your guests with autumn-inspired cocktails and warm mulled cider with cinnamon sticks. Pro tip: take that homemade apple sauce you made in September (or make some now!) and serve it alongside our pumpkin bread to spice up your spread. Create small individual plates or boards—see our new olive boards and other accessories—so that each guest has their own assortment of hors d’oeuvres. Individual boards or plates are delightfully cute, and a perfect way to limit food sharing among your guests.  



Host a tailgate party — Fall is football season! As a twist on the outdoor events, set the stage for the weekend game and plan a picnic-style tailgate in your backyard. Pick your team, dress the part, prepare some sweet and savory snacks (use the individual boards tip above!) and celebrate the time-honored American pastime of getting all worked up for the game.



Small seasonal moments of joy  Joy comes in all sizes. Plan little spontaneous moments! Surprise your little (or big) ones with our pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or pick up farm-fresh apple cider doughnuts for an extra special treat. Carve pumpkins and create paper decorations in preparation for Halloween over hot chocolate and watch a scary movie (age-appropriate, of course) together for family movie night.



Spread some goodness around you — Now is the perfect time to plan small, casual gatherings and get them on your calendar. Be creative and explore new ways to gather joyfully. Invite a few girlfriends for a morning outdoor yoga class and enjoy conversation and the view with warm pumpkin lattes afterward. Host an afternoon tea or mid-day Sunday brunch. Plan a fall-inspired home cooking class with friends. Organize a small pumpkin-carving party for families. Spend an afternoon leaf peeping, hiking in the woods, horseback riding, or picking late-season apples and pears. Plan a wine-pairing dinner with friends. If breathtaking views and little adventure floats your boat, have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? Fall foliage will never seem the same after seeing nature’s fall extravaganza from above. Autumn has so much to offer—enjoy every moment!



Schedule Sunday dinners — Set Sundays aside, or any other day that works for you! Savor precious family time, enjoy a relaxed meal, and take time to share meaningful conversation.  

Pizza making is a great activity for the family to spend time together, especially if everyone creates their own special pie. Go all out with chef’s hats and aprons—or not—but make sure the focus is on fun! Make-your-own-pizza night is always the perfect balance of togetherness and individual expression. Prepare a variety toppings and have dough portioned, risen and ready to shape. Connection, joyful moments, and pizza… what more do we need?



Make Halloween magical  Kids love costumes, and what's better than showing off their creativity with a neighborhood parade? Masks are a must, so make the most of it! Avoid crowds and organize with neighbors so that children’s treats are individually portioned and packed in reusable or brown paper sacks. Plan a small but spook-tacular celebration at home to top it off. Serve decorated pumpkin cupcakes, ghost-shaped sugar cookies, caramel apples, and some pint-sized witches brew (apple cider with sparkling water and a cinnamon stick broom). Decorate your outdoor space with the jack-o’-lanterns you carved and plenty of flameless luminaries. A festive Halloween table adorned with mini pumpkins and homemade paper decorations is sure to delight kids and parents alike.



October Design Notes

Turn your living space into a cozy retreat — Physical distancing is the new normal, but there’s no reason your gatherings can’t be as joyful as ever—or even more so, remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder! Think about inventive new ways of making space, extending your seasonal outdoor entertaining, and serving individual portions of your favorite party foods. Don’t forget to add a heat source, a cheery strand of lights, and some cozy candles to make your outdoors space a comfortable and welcoming one for all to enjoy!



Make seasonal arrangements — Add the brightness of fall to your outdoor greenery with vibrant chrysanthemums, sedum, and a variety of wispy wheat grasses. Mini pumpkins and gourds also add a seasonal touch in window boxes and outdoor planters. Fill your vases with combinations of fall-colored hydrangeas, alstroemeria, sunflowers, delphinium, and a variety of textured and ornamental greens and branches. Stick to a simple monochromatic look or make small bouquets with vivid colors. And here’s your reminder—now is the time to plant bulbs you’d like to see pop up in the spring!



To set your autumn table — Use natural elements like pumpkins, gourds, mini hay bales, wheat sheaves, and cornstalks, combined with the deep hues of your autumn arrangements,  to add a seasonal flare to your table. See our home collection for relaxed linen and cotton napkins in neutral tones, luxurious olive wood tapas boards, and woven dinnerware to compliment all your fall entertaining plans. 



Organize holiday plans — It’s hard to believe, but October means the holidays are right around the corner. Keep your plans simple, stress-free, and centered on thoughtful gift-giving and gathering with family and friends. Perhaps your usual holiday get-togethers won’t be feasible during this time, so think of creative ways to make this festive season special in its own unique way. In need of some inspiring ideas…? partager la joie would be delighted to assist you in designing a gathering that suits and showcases your style! Click here to find out more and schedule your virtual Inspiration Consultation



Products to enlighten our mood for the season —  We’re excited about getting cozy with our berber fleece loungewear and our extra-soft blankets. Adorn your fall table with our new tapas and olive wood table accessories, relaxed linens, soy candles in toasted pumpkin, fig, and harvest scents. Our exquisite curated jewelry collection makes for thoughtful giving—or a well-deserved way to lavish a little love on yourself. 



Autumn is a time for steadiness in transitions

The back-to-school rush is over and the holidays are still out on the horizon. Savor the changing of the seasons and sweeten your gatherings with all that fall has to offer. In this extraordinary year of the New Normal, October is all about finding your stride and your style in a routine that gives you and your family some much-needed structure but doesn’t take the spontaneous joy out of daily life.

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