The 3 Most Joyful Ways to Welcome Spring

March 05, 2020

The 3 Most Joyful Ways to Welcome Spring

The 3 Most Joyful Ways to Welcome Spring

Spring is right around the corner! It seems like just a few weeks ago we were planning our resolutions, like creating joyous gatherings and getting them on the calendar

Now, the days are getting longer and the trees are beginning to bud. This is the perfect time to revisit the things that bring joy.

At partager la joie, we’re feeling energized and ready to spring forward! Let’s celebrate the early days of spring with a focus on healthy living, decluttering our spaces and giving back within our communities. (Read on to see our inspiring new finds in our curated chic style and home collections.) 

  1. Prioritize wellness

Start your day on a healthy note — even with a busy schedule. Switch up your morning routine by sipping warm lemon water as you prepare for the day ahead. Also, try out our infused water ideas to take with you.Lemon Mint Water

At partager la joie, we love infused water — still or sparkling. Keep a pitcher of lemon, orange-lime or cucumber-mint chilled and ready to go. It’s a fabulous way to drink more water (and decrease sugary drinks!).  

When entertaining, experiment with various berry infusions such as strawberry-basil (our favorite!). Fill pretty glass bottles with the infused spring water as a light beverage option when gathering for your weeknight supper or weekend hosting with friends.Strawberries and GlassMixed Berries

Make your March menu lighter

After enjoying all the heartwarming winter dinners, spring is a lovely time to lighten up cooking and menu planning. Think lean protein and seasonal, fresh foods — lemons, asparagus, snap peas and fresh herbs. Spring Vegetables

Planning a spring gathering? We have some wonderful recipes in our epicure section. Check out our Springtime Couscous and Roasted Chicken recipes. For a delicious, energizing treat, whip up a Banana and Nut Butter Smoothie.

Get moving :)

Spring is the time to revisit your exercise routine and re-energize after the colder days? Whether you’re looking to take a new class or plan to walk or run, take action and be sure to schedule exercise in your day — prioritize it, as you do with all other events and commitments.

Also, spring is a great time to add in more outdoor activities. Get your bike out — go for a bike ride with your children. Meet some friends for a power walk — it's a perfect way to catch up, enjoy nature and exercise. Take in the fresh seasonal air with an outdoor yoga class — feel inspired?Yoga Outdoor

  1. Simplify indoor and outdoor spaces

During the cold months, we tend to stay at home, making our spaces cozy and warm. Come spring, we’re motivated to edit and freshen our space. This year, take spring refresh to a new level — by simplifying your living areas (after all, you have to make room for those new spring chic finds!). 

Edit your home

Too much stuff makes us feel bogged down. Spring is the time to make your home feel light and fresh.  

  • Reorganize workspaces: file papers, shred sensitive documents, clear off your desk, discard office supplies you don’t use (the pen that leaks, the markers that have dried up).
  • Declutter closets, cabinets and drawers: donate items to charitable organizations — like the clothes that no longer bring joy, the duplicate kitchen items and the books you won’t reread. 
  • Organize your pantry: clean the shelves and edit ingredients — toss expired foods and donate unused canned goods to the local food bank. 

Get ready to create a beautiful space

With everything edited and clean, enjoy the process of energizing your home.

  • Add new linens: set your table with beautiful textiles or treat yourself to a new Belgian linen bistro apron.  
  • Want to make every shower or bath feel special? Wrap yourself in a soft, luxurious Fouta towel or invigorate your shower with the scent of our Eucalyptus shower steamers
  • Replace winter throw blankets with lighter, airy options.  
  • Bring spring indoors: brighten indoor containers with delicate floral gems such as daffodils and buttercups or fill a tall vase with flowering Forsythia branches.
  • Freshen your surroundings with scents in light floral or clean linen. Take a look at our wellness and home collections.

Outdoor spaces

This is an excellent time to start planning and preparing your outdoor spaces. Think about your warm-weather gatherings now, so your venue will be invite-ready.

  • Clean off patio areas and garden paths. 
  • Set up your alfresco dining space and shop for new tableware and linens.Table Image
  • Gather ideas for spring plantings and container designs.

  1. Get inspired by giving back

Spring is a time to think about sharing joy beyond just those you love — including buying items that provide support to communities. A gift that perpetuates giving — what a thoughtful gift!

At partager la joie, we’re proud to partner with two organizations that are making a difference through gift-giving purchases. 

KAZI helps alleviate poverty in rural Africa by curating stunning hand-made items. In intimate communities across Rwanda and Uganda, women weave natural raffia and sweet grass into delicately textured trays, chargers and coasters.

HALF UNITED creates elegant fashion items. The proceeds help fight hunger here in the U.S. and in Haiti. Partnering with vendors (like partager la joie) allows HALF UNITED (and all of us!) to contribute to the lives of children in need around the globe. Arriving soon in our latest collection spring fashion items.

This spring, get inspired, gather and share joy

There’s nothing like sunshine, blossoms and budding trees to inspire a spring gathering. With your home and outdoor spaces cleaned, edited and decorated, it’s time to surround yourself with the people you love.Daffodils in Vase

Think about planning a picnic-style luncheon, inviting friends for a ‘welcome spring’ dinner or gathering your family for a St Patrick’s Day celebration. Make the most of March! (stay tuned for many, more spring gather inspirations in the coming months)


Whatever you plan, keep everything simple with a focus on staying present, being grateful, cherishing the time you spend together and, of course, sharing joy.

Until next month, from our lifestyle space at partager la joie to yours, have a joyful spring beginning!

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