Mark June’s Joyful Moments

June 01, 2020

Mark June’s Joyful Moments

The arrival of summer is always a reason to celebrate — especially now as we’re all adjusting to a new normal and the changing of the seasons reminds us that life goes on in leaps and bounds. Longer days mean we can take full advantage of the outside world — and that is something we can all celebrate!

Let your creativity blossom

Many of us are missing momentous occasions these days — graduations, special birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, departures on overseas adventures... It’s particularly important, during this strange moment in time, to let the people in your life know you care, and that their achievements, milestones, special days, and hardships matter.


The smallest gesture of kindness can mean so much to someone who’s feeling down or anxious about the current public health crisis and what it means for the future. Being the one who brings that little moment of joy — a thoughtful gift, a handwritten note, a balloon tied on the mailbox in honor of a friend’s birthday — can brighten someone's day. We have all been impacted in some way so if you find yourself asking whether small gestures of joy matter in a time of big issues and big change, the answer is ​yes, now more than ever!

Themes and Activities


Strawberry Fields Forever​Let’s go picking, let’s make strawberry jam! Our featured recipes for June are all about sweet, delicious strawberries — strawberry shortcake, breakfast smoothies, strawberry sundaes, and more.

Father’s Day​ Don’t forget about Dad! As the weather warms up, it's the perfect time to give Dad a break and plan a barbecue (see the delicious menu ideas in our epicure section). Can’t be together this time? Schedule a video call with the whole family to let the fathers in your life know how much they are loved. Or how about supporting a local restaurant in his area and ordering a surprise meal for delivery? Looking for a gift? Browse gifts for Dad in our newly curated leather accessory collection for men or one of our breathable logo golf shirts (arriving soon). 

Flag Day —​ Make patriotic cupcakes with the children and help them get creative with flag-inspired craft ideas. Add a red, white, and blue color palette to your table to show your pride and patriotism.

End of School YearP​lan a picnic or make-your-own ice cream sundae party to bring some festive closure to this unique school year! To celebrate the fact that virtual school is out, give the gift of summer activity swag bags. Fill a reusable tote bag with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a jump rope, a kite kit, a brain teaser activity book, water balloons, or any games your child might enjoy. You can also work with your children to plan your own at-home summer camp! Create themes like science, art, cooking or sports that help them look forward to something new each week. These are sure-fire ways to encourage your child to fill some of their time independently with imaginative activities this summer.

Embrace Nature and Be Social

Let’s enjoy these glorious days of early summer, be inspired by the beauty of nature, and take our activities outdoors!

Plan a PicnicV​isit a nature preserve or spend the day at the beach. Basking in new surroundings can be just what the family needs. Bring along our market beach basket with a lovely, versatile turkish towel and a variety of tasty snacks to share some time away from home.

Celebrate Summer BirthdaysCraft the festivities and let June inspire family fun!

  • Strawberries and cream
  • Bugs, butterflies, and birds
  • A nature scavenger hunt
  • Get crafty: rock painting or tie-dye party
  • A garden tea party
  • A midsummer masquerade — since masks are the accessory of the season!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space Now is definitely the time to set up and create a personalized summer-scape for yourself and your family — a place where you can relax together and take advantage of the season. Find clay urns, woven baskets, or window boxes to plant colorful annuals. Perhaps add some new perennials to your flower garden or, if you’re short on space, fill decorative containers to make a creative kitchen herb or vegetable garden. Gardening is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and relieve stress!

Set Up a Neighborhood Progressive Stroll Put the social back in social distancing! Reach out to your neighbors and plan a distance-friendly progressive summer stroll. Start with cocktails on one porch. Our Strawberry Summer Sangria recipe is sure to delight! Then appetizers next door, something from the barbecue at yet another stop, a fun game in someone’s yard, and finally, s’mores at a backyard fire pit. Let each neighbor come up with a creative outdoor hosting idea and give the logistical task to that special someone who loves to organize... Need something to wear? Check out our chic new summer finds: raffia and cabana slides (arriving soon), adorable ruffled and eyelet tops (shop Chic style) — just to name a few — and our wellness collection (in case a cute face mask is required :)   

Summer Sports Galore Summer’s arrival naturally inspires and fills us with hope as temperatures warm and we can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. We can change up our fitness routines to include a wide variety of fresh-air activities: tennis, golf, kayaking, running, hiking, and swimming, and many more. Some sports are just the thing to get out in nature for that little bit of me-time you’ve been craving; others help to bring families and friends together for summertime fun.

Eating Al FrescoIt’s amazing how special a daily routine can become when you change the location. Whether it’s early-morning coffee in the sun or a family breakfast on the patio, an outdoor pizza party with the kids or a more elaborate evening gathering with a few friends — soak up every moment this gentle season offers! 


June Design Notes

Set a Bounteous Summer TableWe LOVE pink peonies for their abundance, soft fragrance, and elegantly overflowing clusters. Capture these blooms — or whatever flower is speaking to you right now — and display them in your favorite vase, jar, or any other containers your creativity suggests. Arrange small, vibrant bouquets and place them not only indoors but in outdoor patio spaces as well, to make that morning café au lait or evening barbeque extra special.

Configure your patio for gatheringAdd outdoor lanterns, beautiful linens with raffia coasters, and charger plates, and by using the container flower arrangements you’ve created to style a summertime plein-air table-scape that perfectly suits you. 


Don’t Forget To Try Our New Seasonal Recipes

Did we mention it’s strawberry season? These fresh, jewel-ripe berries don’t last long, so make the most of them by trying any and all of our strawb-tacular June recipes. Our twist on classic potato salad will anchor any barbecue, and our bouillabaisse is both light and deeply satisfying for a special summer feast. 

The uncertainties of spring have given us a path to move forward and appreciate the splendor of what the French call “la belle saison.” Cherish this moment. Savor the beauty of fragrant blooms and lush green surroundings. On this last stretch up to the solstice, relish the long days- the cool mornings before the heat of summer arrives and be grateful for family and friends, for connectivity in a changing world, and for love and the renewal of joy.

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