Spring Forward in Joyful Style

March 01, 2021

Spring Forward in Joyful Style

We don’t know about you, but at partager la joie we’re welcoming March with open arms! It’s a moment to be inspired by brighter, longer days and get energized to spring ahead with a focus on healthy living, decluttering our spaces, and cultivating ways to share joy. We love anticipating the first hints of colorful bulbs beginning to bloom—sunshine-yellow daffodils, delicate purple grape hyacinths, and pale shades of blush tulips that are on their way to opening. There’s something in the change of seasons that nourishes us—body, mind, and soul. With the coming of spring in particular, change means new growth and that inspires us to refresh and look forward to what lies ahead. 

Get Ready for a Spring Home Edit 

At partager la joie, springtime is about simplifying and lightening the indoor spaces where we’ve been hibernating during the cozy months of winter—and dreaming of outdoor gatherings ahead!


Reorganize your workspace. File those papers that have piled up like so many snowdrifts. Shred and recycle sensitive documents. Clear off your desk and give away or recycle office supplies you aren’t using. You’ll be amazed how much more clear-headed and energized you’ll feel when your workspace is spring-spruced. 


Declutter your closets. What percentage of your wardrobe do you actually wear? This year in particular, you might be aware of how much clothing you’ve accumulated that no longer serves a use  or, more importantly, brings you joy. Take the same approach throughout your home. If you haven’t used it in a few years, it’s time to let it go—repurpose or donate those items and free up valuable space in your life.


Give your kitchen a spring makeover. Organize your pantry. Toss expired foods and donate canned goods that have been taking up space to your local food bank. Clean out your kitchen drawers and cupboards (use your vacuum) and declutter your countertops. If you have duplicate utensils and tools, give away what you don’t use. The resulting sense of space will put a joyous new spring into your step whenever you’re in the kitchen.  


Make Room for Creating New Energy


Once you’ve done your home edit to whatever depth feels right for you this year, it’s time to think about renewal and creating a beautiful space that radiates forward-facing energy. Outside, you can feel change in the air, in the steady lengthening of the days. Spring is on the horizon! Now is the time to revisit the things that bring joy. Think renewal and fresh brightness as you style your table and arrange seasonal blooms. Time to look forward to the season of blooms ahead, and incorporating them into your interiors. 


March means daffodils and buttercups! Plant a tiny bulb garden in your favorite flower pot or urn and watch it bloom. How about shaking off the snow (if you’re still under snow these days) from your forsythia and clipping some beautiful bright branches to bloom inside? This is the perfect time of year to force some indoor bulbs—hyacinths, narcissus, crocus, and so many varieties of tulips. Bring a little sunshine this March to a friend with a basket filled with new blooms or a potted bulb. These also make great take-home gifts for spring themed celebrations.

Invite springtime light and a breath of fresh air to set your table  with new linens, layers of white plates, and a touch of texture with our new woven products or olive wood collection. Incorporate plenty of tiny plants, flowers, and bloom-covered branches. Replace heavy winter throw blankets with soft, lighter ones, perfect to add an overlay at the end of your bed or drape over the corner of your sofa. Shop our home collection

Make your bathtime ritual or even a quick, refreshing shower extra special with our freshly scented candles and soft, striped Fouta towels (which are great for the beach too, a few months away on the horizon)...

Bring the same sense of cleansing and renewal to your beauty routine. After a gentle exfoliation with a sugar or salt scrub or a natural sponge, rehydrate with our luxurious body butters, beauty elixirs, body oils and freshly fragrant candles. Shop our wellness collection!


Invigorate your spring wardrobe with our stylish white linen blazer, Cabana Leopard Slides, loungewear collection, Forges Clutch and super cute dresses(available for pre-order now). Take a peek at a few of our new seasonal finds. 

Let your Creativity Blossom with a Gathering to Welcome in Spring 

With your home spaces refreshed and re-energized, it’s time to celebrate the change of seasons with family and friends. 


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

One of the things we love about St. Patrick’s Day is that it gives us an occasion to celebrate everything green. Could anything embody spring more than the color of all the new shoots and leaves that are opening all around us? Think green and adorn your table with a bowl of fresh limes or a vase of Limelight hydrangeas. To add freshness, cut kiwis into granola for breakfast, or toss a handful of kale into your favorite smoothie. Take advantage of the green theme to get some serious salad action (like our Brussel Sprout, Kale, and Apple Salad) going for both lunch and dinner. Pesto with spinach linguini or our warm Garden Herb Pasta Salad keep the theme going for even the pickiest eaters. A vanilla buttercream cake becomes green with a few drops of food coloring in the batter and the icing. 


Make lime or mint flavored simple syrup to add a touch of green merriment to a cocktail or a sparkling water to toast the Luck of the Irish with everyone. Whether or not you can claim any Irish heritage in your family, this day is a good excuse for a gathering to share some springtime joy.

Let’s Get Away

The fact that the past year hasn’t been the easiest time to satisfy our travel urge is all the more reason to be inspired by past travel experiences or dream about future ones. Get the whole family involved in planning the theme! When my children were younger, we let them choose a country—one we had visited or one they wanted to visit—and let the exploration begin. Kids can research fun cultural and geographic facts, the language, and recipes for a special dinner. Supply what your children need to draw or paint the flag and other emblems of that country (national flower, national bird, famous landmarks, etc.) to add festive cultural decor to your dining space and set the stage fit for a celebration. You’re on the hook for finding recipes and sourcing a regional wine! If you’re hosting without children, make a wine pairing with a few dishes typical of your chosen country the centerpiece of dinner with friends! Take a look at what's in our epicure this month, with our spring small bites and Caribbean-inspired suggestions, if you’re in the mood for bringing some sun-soaked joy into your evening!

Pizza Party

Host a make-your-own pizza gathering! Let your guests participate in the fun by creating their own individual pies. A smart selection of ingredients means there will be something for everyone. Bell peppers, red onions, pineapple, fresh basil, and arugula are great ways to keep things fresh, bright, and colorful. Sliced mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and a variety of cheeses will bring joy to the gourmands. And don’t forget a selection of pepperoni, ham, prosciutto, or sausage for the meat lovers. Grab some full-bodied wine and enjoy your company.



This month we’ve chosen recipes designed for sharing spirited, fun, small bites for spring—fresh spring rolls, soft pretzels, shrimp ceviche, and make-your-own pizzas. Craving some island time? Try some of our caribbean faves: sticky toffee pudding, banana and pineapple smoothies and tuna poke bowls. Warm and heighten your senses with spices of the caribbean—cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and ginger. Try a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg in your morning coffee and let the flavor transport you.

Soft Pretzels

Fresh Spring Rolls

Shrimp Ceviche

Make-Your-Own Pizzas

Tuna Poke Bowls

Banana and Pineapple Smoothie

Simple Mango Sorbet

Sticky Toffee Pudding 


March Gladness


Make your March a bright one. Remember to focus on refreshing your surroundings to simplify and to make space for sharing energizing fun and togetherness. 


Springing forward also means setting aside some time for yourself: renewing your practice of mindfulness and self-care in your life, too. March is an opportunity to turn a fresh new page. When you declutter, you make room for the exciting new things you’re looking forward to in the months to come. Be glad for what you’ve put behind you and for what lies ahead! Gratitude is cleansing and makes room for renewed joy. 


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